CLEARING AND FORWARDING SERVICE: At Henrietta Maritime Nigeria Limited we take freight forwarding logistics very seriously.

We handle every aspect of our clients clearing and forwarding requirements, facilitating or actings as their internal international supply chain logistics division.

We understand clearing the state and government import and export duties as well as East Africa common economy custom regulations and governance. We have a wealth of knowledge on the major rules, regulations, taxes, duties, and customs declarations applicable to international clearance of good to and from around the world, the East African Community, and our international trading partners.

As your clearing and forwarding partner, we would handle the entire logistics process from documentation, shipment transport, warehousing, to invoicing and delivery.


Our shipping industry has proven before that it can adopt new ideas and innovate to become more efficient. The adoption of standardized shipping container in time past has made our shipping more efficient and has driven down operational costs, and sent global trade within and beyond.

The time for software-driven efficiency has arrived and our company is innovating and adopting software-driven solutions as a way of life. When we started a few years ago, we spent time explaining to clients the value of the technology and the products. But now, the discussion is not about technology anymore, but only the value of the product, and that’s a good thing we have to offer our clients and this in turn will turn out to be an advantage for our client.

SHIPPING AGENCY: Our shipping agency department offers full fledge unique services to virtually all sizes of vessels entering or leaving the Nigerian major seaports and territorial waters. We are fully equipped to handle various services, including bunker, fresh water, fuels, medical crew, repatriation and welfare services on short notice and round the clock.

BUNKERING SUPPLY: We offer bunkering services for foreign and local vessels. Our bunkering services are carried out in line with safety management system (SMS) in order to eliminating the possibility and negligence of human and other operational errors.

FENDERS SUPPLY: We have various sizes of high quality fenders ready stocks to ensure fast, reliable and dependable supply at any time. We can extend its services to any ports in Nigeria and round the clock. Our fenders have the advantages of massive energy absorption with low unit surface pressure acted upon the ship.

CARGO AND VESSEL MANAGEMENT: We deliver vessels for dry transportation of oversized floating and non-floating cargoes. Highly engineered transportation solutions – safely and on time. Contact us today! A preferred supplier. Heavy Lift Carriers. OHT. 30 years of experience.

FRESH WATER SUPPLY: We supply quality fresh and treated water to all type of floating units and commercial vessels at berth or offshore in the Nigerian ports with professional handling, timely and reliable for their logistics replenishment

HAULAGE: We are commercial managers for tonnage and cargo movements worldwide. We specialize in bulk and break-bulk ships and liquid bulk worldwide for exclusive principals and competitive ship-broking and chartering that can be transported by ocean going conveyance, air or land. We provide tailor-made flexible shipping solutions for both heavy lift and project cargoes.

MARINE PAINTS AND CHEMICAL SUPPLY: We supply marine paints and chemicals such as main engine, auxiliary engine, oil compressor, bearing pairs, heat exchangers, fresh water generators, turbo chargers, hydraulic pumps and motors, anchors, chains, fire fighting equipment, communication, navigation equipment and automation items, deck equipment, other cosmetic fittings, etc.

SHIP REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE: We offer our customers comprehensive solutions for ship maintenance and repairs. Our repairs comprises of winch and windlass repairs, steel and pipe works, mechanical, electrical, welding, IT and communications equipments repairs and replacement. We provide in time solution for any repairs works of inward and outward vessels.

LUBE OIL SUPPLY: We supply high grade and quality lubricants to both local and foreign vessels calling at the Nigerian seaports and territorial waters.

OIL MARKETING: We are engaged in the business of oil marketing include supply of AGO (diesel), PMS (petrol) DPK (kerosene) and LPFO (low pour fuel oil) to bulk buyers and consumers.

SLUDGE AND SLOP DISPOSAL: We provide sludge and slop disposal services to various vessels calling at the Nigerian Ports. All collected refuses are disposal at government designated disposal centre.

Tank Cleaning and Washing: We specialize in washing, cleaning tanks and holds of type ships whether they are container ships, tankers, general ships, or passenger ships.

CREW CHANGE: We have well trained and experienced personnel in public and guest relations to deal with wide range of immigration services for crew members, airport protocol, security and other logistic services on disembarkation and embarkation from and to onshore and offshore vessels.

Crew Welfare Services

We have trained and experience personnel to handle crew change and welfare services for both local and foreign vessels calling at the Nigerian seaports and territorial waters. Our services including taking sick crew members to hospitals, ensuring crew members enjoy their stay while in Nigeria by taking them out to do shopping, recreational centres for relaxation and to other choice areas.


We supply engine stores and deck stores, including:

  • Cloth and linen products
  • Tableware and galley utensils
  • Clothing
  • Ropes and hawsers
  • Rigging equipment
  • General deck equipment
  • Marine paint
  • Painting equipment
  • Safety protective gear
  • Safety equipment
  • Hose and couplings
  • Nautical equipment
  • Medicine
  • Petroleum products
  • Stationary
  • Hardware
  • Brushes and Mats
  • Lavatory equipment
  • Cleaning material and chemicals
  • Pneumatic and electrical tools
  • Hand tools
  • Cutting tools
  • Measuring tools
  • Metal sheets, bars, etc.
  • Screws and nuts
  • Pipes and tubes
  • Pipe and tube fittings
  • Valves and cocks
  • Bearings
  • Electrical equipment
  • Packing and jointing
  • Welding equipment
  • Machinery equipment
  • Welfare items
CHANDLING (Fresh and Dry Provisions)

We have registered with the Nigerian Customs Services to promote the business of chandelier. We are specialized in servicing all type ships whether they are container ships, tankers, general ships, passenger ships of both local and foreign vessels. These include provisions of:


  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Cheese, milk and dairy products
  • Fresh fish and seafood
  • Fresh meat
  • Pastry, desserts and sweets


  • Frozen fruit and vegetables
  • All kinds of frozen meat and fish


  • Legumes, flour, and derivatives
  • Cacao, coffee, sugar and infusions
  • Oil and greases
  • Sauces, spices and herbs
  • Canned products
  • Snacks, nuts and dried fruits


  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Can Large Beers
  • Soft Drinks
  • Bottled Spring Water


  • All kinds of cigarettes
  • All kinds of cigars
  • All kinds of tobacco